SAAP LLC provides professional Cash Inflow & Cash Outflow Development Services. We are focused on High Tech SMEs, Spinoffs and Niche Brands development. We perform “free cashflow” (FCF) growth by X5 - X10 within 3 to 5 Years. We generate additional cash inflow by building distribution networks and carrying out direct sales with key accounts in new markets with maximum speed. We also provide our clients with full outsourcing of Export, BD and Sales, Key Account, Marketing, Back Office, Service and Training Departments. Our own in-house team of 37 high educated specialists is flexible and unlike permanent employees is available 24/7/365. Due to the cost-effective business model and our professional external departments, we can significantly increase your cash inflow and additionally cut your cash outflow.

why saap llc

SAAP LLC has deep expertise in distribution network development, export and sales, direct work with key accounts in emerging markets. Due to the deep staff training and examination, our external departments deeply integrate into the client’s company and completely invert the core competence of the full-time employees. Our 24/7/365 pauseless schedule of work helps us to cover all time zones, entering and scaling the products and services to emerging markets much faster than competitors. Within the years of work with such markets, we have a deep market sense that allows us to professionally build distribution networks and provide with "know your customer" check. Since SAAP LLC has reduced manpower costs, lower tax level, no VAT deduction, flat management with no bureaucracy and no additional full-time employee-related expenses, you can optimise your cash outflow minimum two-three-fold.

Dr. Rainer W. Schmidt

Founder NIANCE, Switzerland

«Within one and a half years SAAP LLC's team managed to build a distribution network from scratch and significantly scale up our brand's sales in CIS countries that essentially increased our cashflow»

Orli Borger

Founder Biopeptix, Israel

«SAAP LLC team helped us to develop a strategy to enter the European Union market and launch business activities with new distributors»

Anjum Ahmad

CEO at Equip International, Pakistan

«We were impressed how professionally the team of SAAP LLC’s engineers performed the TOTAL PARCO project notwithstanding the complicated working environment in the most dangerous Pakistan cities such as Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore on time.»


Hiring our external experts will help you to expand into new markets, build distribution networks and increase direct sales with key accounts very fast. Based on a previous experience in building distribution networks for New High Tech SMEs, Spinoffs and Niche Brands in emerging markets, our specialists will competently and in the shortest time span build, lead, control, track and develop distribution activity at these markets. We act as external accelerator, giving your company an opportunity to increase “free cashflow” by X5 - X10 at the lowest risk and expense.

In order to survive in the fast-changing and highly competitive market, the New High Tech SMEs, Spinoffs and Niche Brands require to rapidly adapt and have a maximum speed in order to generate “free cashflow” and to take the leading position at the market. Such companies often do not have resources to engage Business Development, Export, Direct Sales, Key Account and Distribution activities. Our mission is to help such companies at maximum speed and the most professional way to enter the new markets, build direct sales with key accounts and distribution networks. This will lead to generating extra cashflow X5-X10 within three to five years and result in occupying dominant positions in those markets.

Our in-house staff works in shifts 24/7/365. Thanks to this shift mode, we obtain full coverage of all time zones (e.g. while in Western Europe the working day only begins, in Asia it already comes to an end, meanwhile, in North and South America it is still a deep night time). 7 days' workweek results in constant professional business overlapping with those markets where 5 days’ workweek is observed or weekends are shifted compared to the majority of countries (e.g. the weekend in Israel is observed on Friday–Saturday or Muslim-majority countries have historically instituted a Thursday–Friday weekend).

Also, due to the shift schedule, our team covers all emerging markets. The highly adaptive system allows us to work at a time when it is convenient for the client as, for example, according to the client's holiday calendar which differs from country to country (e.g. Catholic Christmas (Dec 21st), Orthodox Christmas (Jan7th), Hanukkah (Dec 2nd-8th) and Ramadan (May 5th-June 4th)). Thus, we have more interface with the client which results in the faster product launch and market penetration.

Finally, we have hands-on experience in the majority of emerging markets. Knowing all their peculiarities helps us to scale up businesses very fast and riskless. We know first-hand how to increase product sales, distribution channels, gain extra space in the market and overall increase cashflow. Thanks to such external accelerators, our customers receive "first-mover advantage" in a situation of such a volatile market, where the companies can quickly fail as well as do the successful exits.

Together with inflow growth we can immediately optimise cash outflow. Relying on years of experience in Business Strategy, Planning and Development, Project Management, Marketing, Market Research, Product Development, Export and International Sales, Service and Training we offer three proven models of our services payment:

  1. Fixed hourly rate model (per working hour). Total cost is minimum two-fold cheaper compared to an in-house staff in the Western world, no success fee agreement, the company pays us only per every working hour. This model can significantly save cash outflow.
  2. Hybrid (mixed) model. Success fee/commission + minimum hourly rate (lower than in model 1).
  3. The success fee-only model. No hourly/monthly fees or salaries. We cover all expenses (e.g. labour costs, road shows related costs, all travel and living expenses, call and telecommunication incl. 24/7 Call Centre bills, staff training costs, exhibitions participation, customer support costs etc.) from the first minute of the market and distribution development. The commission is paid by the client only out of the additional amount of cash inflow generated by our team.