Our professional team has almost 20 years of experience and knows all aspects of distribution development in emerging markets. We have a front office that deals with Business Strategy, Planning and Development, Project Management, Marketing, Market Research, Product Development, Export and Sales as well as a back office with engineering and training team. All the team comprises multilingual experts dedicated to develop your international business and to significantly increase "free cashflow" X5-X10 within 3-5 years.

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Alexander Miller


Has 18 years of experience working at world market leaders' headquarters of Siemens AG, HeidelbergCement AG and WashTec AG covering such industries as power supply, building materials, medical and car washing equipment etc. In the company, Mr. Miller is in charge of business strategy and planning, business development, project management, marketing, new product launch, international export and sales, distribution network development in emerging markets.

Sergii Zadorozhnyi


Engineer with 19 years of working experience in emerging markets and CIS countries. He has implemented hundreds of complex engineering projects and local distribution. Mr. Zadorozhnyi is responsible for the engineering part of the business.

Our professional team consists of 37 in-house specialists in Export, Sales, Key Account, Marketing, Distribution, Service and Training. We work with more than 200 partnered companies on different international projects. We learn carefully the client's products with extended training and examination. Our people have deep competence working with New High Tech SMEs, Spinoffs and Niche brands. They have developed direct sales with key accounts and distributors, conduct training and engineering works in all main emerging markets where we've done more than 300 projects (e.g. from Brazil to Pakistan). Our sales and export managers know extremely well the culture and religion of these markets, international contracts in destination countries, administrative procedures for foreign trade, finance and logistics. This experience allows us to open new markets and penetrate them with maximum speed, helping our clients to increase their "free cashflow".