Cash outflow

We help the New High Tech SMEs, Spinoffs and Niche Brands to optimise their cash outflow, immediately docking our External International Departments with their companies. With our speed, cost-efficient manpower and complete expertise our professional English-speaking in-house team can completely outsource your Export Department, Business Development and Sales Department, Key Account Department, Marketing Department, Back Office Department, Service and Training Department and effectively optimise cash outflow. We also provide professional 24/7 English-speaking Call Center for all needs (complain management, new product launch, mass production withdrawal etc.)

We guarantee our clients twice cheaper services because of lower manpower cost (the cost of global majors manpower is twice higher), lower tax burden (the level of taxes is much lower compared to Western Europe), no VAT deduction on international projects (automatically reduces service costs by 20%), flat management (ensures more productivity bypassing the bureaucracy), no additional full-time employee-related expenses (state payroll taxes, social security, Medicaid, insurance, paid time off, annual leaves etc.), 24/7/365 shifts (to maintain such departments fulltime is quite costly).

Service and Training

For almost 20 years we provide a full range of professional training and engineering services to the clients. During these years we've implemented over 300 projects of various complexity in emerging markets. We conduct training in our front office in Kyiv. Also, the team of engineers is always ready to provide services at the facility of a client. Our fully geared and fuelled engineers are ready to serve out on a limb even under the threat of emergency and force majeure situations (war, natural disaster etc.) and in hazardous working conditions (e.g. water pollution, harmful chemicals, biological hazards, radiation, inadequate sanitation, infectious diseases, extreme temperatures etc.). If needed, we can also supply our staff "overnight" to the different hotspots ranked by CTI as the most dangerous (e.g. Afghanistan, CAR, Egypt, India, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Mexica, Ukraine etc.). We work 24/7/365 when there is an urgent need for manpower to manage a specific task or at a peak of a workload. Regardless of the working conditions, our engineers are ready to provide you with efficient and cost-competitive services in:

  • Pre-design part and project;
  • Warranty works;
  • Equipment Installation & Commissioning;
  • Equipment Pre-assembly & Maintenance;
  • Emergency Callout and Repair;
  • Control of Delivery, Production and Shipment;
  • New Factories "Babysitting";
  • Force Majeure Servicing.