Cash inflow

We are focused on a rapid "free cashflow" development of the New High Tech SMEs, Spinoffs and Niche Brands. It's the most important indicator of the company's health and financial performance. "Free cashflow" directly affects its market cap. SAAP LLC aims to provide our clients best cash inflow development on emerging markets with professional services in Export, Business Development and Sales, Key Account, Service and Training. As a result, additionally generated cash inflow leads to company's exponential cashflow growth X5-X10 within 3-5 Years.

During years of intensive work, we've done hundreds of projects. We are familiar with all emerging markets and have a deep understanding of all their peculiarities. The qualified business development and sales team is ready to provide a professional due-diligence, "know your customer" check, as well as to build distribution networks in these markets very fast. After building distribution networks and the direct sales with key accounts, our export managers are ready to take over all orders related services. When we start working with new clients, our staff deeply integrates into the client's company. To make sure we have all expertise and competence at the level of internal employees, we conduct online and off-line training and examination, so each specialist receives certificates of competence by the clients. Our teams work in shifts 24/7/365 that results in high productivity.

Business Development and Sales

Our Business Development and Sales team is involved in attracting new key accounts and distributors. We offer a complete service for International Trade and Distribution activity. We guide New High Tech SMEs, Spinoffs and Niche Brands through the process of business and distribution network development. Our dedicated BD team will help you to expand into new markets, create new distribution channels, increase market share. We also help you to launch new products/services to new customers and key accounts in emerging markets adhere to local market’s needs and demands. This will supply your business with the competitive advantage. The fluently English-speaking, trained and certified team will deeply study your company and product/service in order to develop appropriate business and market strategy, analyse competitors etc. We aim to create opportunities for our clients to expand their markets to emerging and to create another way of cash inflow generation.


External Export

Having well-established networks of international distributors and reliable partners already in place, we provide immediate access to those markets saving your time and money. Due to a formal agreement with manufacturers, we help to sell goods and services, manage your exports and represent all product line on exclusive rights. Since years of work in emerging markets, we've got acquainted with common peculiarities of these markets. We are ready to act as your sales representative or exclusive wholesaler, increasing your cash inflow very fast and efficient at the lowest risk and expense.


Key Account

The Key Account Department is responsible for managing key clients, maintaining a long-term relationship with them and maximising sales opportunities within their Key Accounts. After deep training, we can provide our clients with Key Account Managers that will conduct and track all orders and sales, provide service support with Key Accounts. Our final goal is to help our clients to increase their company’s cash inflow.



Each emerging market has its own regional specifics, so it is very important to adapt the marketing strategy, as well as to make deep market research to understand the pricing, product, promotion and placement policies, as well as the brand development for each emerging market. Our Marketing team will take over this service at a cost-competitive price.


Back Office

Our Project Managers provide our clients 24/7/365 assistance, outsourcing them with a physical product/services launch, network development and sales to emerging markets. We accompany all issues related to sales, professionally adapting to customer's needs.